It’s nice to have my first magpie painting
finished, having had the rough in my sketchbook for months if not years. I’ve named it after an older
version of the well known saying about magpies, and all that’s left to do now
is get it scanned and made into prints and cards.Picture – (painting in progress.)

It’s very exciting waiting for the first
batch to come back from the printers! This weekend I’ve begun Magpie Painting
Two. This one is much bigger and I used a big decorating brush to start
with. It’s good fun working out the
colours at this point, where the painting is at the undercoat stage. It started
with lots of turquoise and pink and has now settled into being pretty purple.
Next – stars and trees. The Stars will be based on real constellations from my
star chart and the rows of trees inspired by the beautiful rows of trees on the
hillsides here in the Adur Valley.