around these last few weeks I’ve noticed the crows are repairing old nests and
building new ones. Because the trees are still leafless these crow villages are
really clear to see, some in peaceful scenic places, others right next to busy
motorway junctions. It’s a whole crow kingdom and I wonder why exactly
the crows choose the places they do, and whether they discuss it or get told by
the head crow ‘build the nests here’… smiley
Today I walked up to the folly
just outside Slindon, a small National Trust village full of very pretty flint
clad houses. The farmers had been ploughing their fields ready for new spring
crops and Muffin the dog and I sat down for a rest at the edge of one of the
ploughed fields on a couple of interesting and strangely appropriate

Pic. Lou
on pencil log with Muffin.