it’s the first proper day of summer as we leap forward into British
Summertime today. The sunshiny evening almost makes up for the feeling
of getting up an hour early for work this morning. Lots of long
evenings ahead to enjoy sunny after work walks in the fields around
here, perfect for painting inspiration. My favourite time of day to
capture on canvas is, you might have noticed, sunset and sunrise. I
hope to avoid the sunrises but am really looking forward to witnessing
many countryside and seaside sunsets, in the balmy warm evening air of

borrowed an electric car this weekend. It was fab, travelling along
quietly watching the battery go down on the uphill and recharge itself
on the downhill. The car was just as good if not better than any other
small car on the road, easily doing motorway driving and able to hold
its own against other traffic The only downside was the infrastructure.
Day 1 saw us visiting 4 charging points from the power point app only
to find each one owned by a different company, each with its own card or
key fob system, and only 1 working. Conclusion of the test – great if
you can charge up on 3 phase power at home (which the government will
apparently install for free and give you the power for free) but if not,
too scary to live by the third party charge point at this point in

Lou Partridge