Into April and there is blossom everywhere! I don’t remember there being
this much in past years, perhaps this is a superblossom year? Watching a
Japanese TV channel today (channel hopping by accident) the weather
lady not only had a weather map but a pink blossom map for the whole
country. One of the highlights of my weekend was a visit to
Herstmonceau Observatory where I looked through several very old (over
100 years) and very enormous telescopes and was lucky enough to see
Jupiter, complete with stripey surface, but sadly, not the famous spot.
It’s hard to imagine that slightly blurry object is a real thing so far
away. Meanwhile, back in the studio, I have started magpie painting
number 3. I had fun doing the background with layers of paint, paper
and glitter and it’s currently awaiting trees, plants and, of course,
the magpies.