I’ve been in a several parks over the last few weeks. I
don’t usually go to parks because I live and work in the countryside, only
venturing into towns if I’m on a shopping mission, which is rare. I was in St
Anne’s Wells Gardens in Hove the other day eating a sandwich in the wildlife
area, and thinking how, during my childhood, parks were all mown grass and neat
flower beds and how different St Anne’s is to those childhood parks with its
overgrown areas and woodland section. It’s a little bit of the countryside
brought into the town. And I was in Kensington Gardens right in the centre of
London last week admiring the formal gardens with their spectacular fountains;
then a short walk away found myself in wild meadowland all overgrown. I can
imagine how during my childhood people would be complaining about the gardens
being left neglected if they weren’t mown and weed-killered to cultivated
perfection and it made me think how the world has changed in the last 20 years.
Wildlife is now encouraged more than ever before. From farmers leaving areas of
their land free from cultivation, roadside areas being left pesticide free and
uncut, and parks being both cultivated and wild, it’s nice to see nature being
encouraged and allowed to flourish in our day to day places.